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Experience the Heart Opening Spirit of Cacao with Preet Unique Berar and Sage through Movement, Meditation & Ceremony.

In the Celtic Tradition, Samhain is the end of the old and the birth of the New…. An in between time – the Third Harvest, the Dark Mysteries and Rebirth through Death – a time to connect with our Ancestors – a time to connect with all that has brought us here – and all that we wish to BE.

A final letting go of the old.

No more harvest, no more preparing – we now just BE…we honor the wisdom & learning from the past and enter the Mysteries of the Feminine – we enter the Dream….

Plasmic Light, Crystalline Structures and Freedom Codes are being amplified – as are the Polarities of these energies.

Much of what we have been working on is being physicalized in the here and now in great degrees in the next couple months.

Connecting with our Hearts and that which comes from Love is Key to birthing worlds we wish to see – one that is best for ALL Sentient Beings.

In this workshop Preet Unique Berar will come together with Sage to bring in the Spirit of Cacao – to merge with Her –

Open our Hearts to that which is wanting to be birthed through us – through Movement, Meditation & Ceremony.

Experience the Heart Opening energy of Cacao, the Movement of Dance, the Power of Sound AND the Silence of Meditation – ALL merged together to assist us with hearing our Heart’s calling, with the intelligence of our body mind – with the higher consciousness within.

Embody the Medicine, the Fullness and Wonder of what can BE – Here & NOW – in this Cycle.

Our guest – Preeti Berar – has spent 22 years exploring Holistic Healing modalities. Spiritual Practices and Plant Medicines as a way to heal the spirit and bring equilibrium back to the mind and body. Honing the skill to alchemize ones energetic body and channeling spirit through song, sound and messages with the gift of Light Language. She offers Intuitive guidance, vibrational healing, sound baths, breath work, plant medicine journeys, sacred ceremonies and retreats.

As for Mama Cacao – To the Mayans and Aztecs, Cacao is the medicine of the heart. It is known as a Master plant as this medicine heeds the power to connect us to our heart space where we reconnect to our personal truth. Cacao allows us to come into a state of gratitude, compassion and inner harmony.

Cacao Ceremonies are rituals that bring communities together. A practice that allows us a space to meet our higher selves and connect to each other with more heart felt empathy and compassion. Working with Cacao as a medicine can bring much wisdom and healing as you set your intentions of what you wish to receive during the ceremony.

Due to Space, maximum number of participants is 6….so REGISTER EARLY!

Payments may be made to [email protected]

$50 investment (includes Pure Artisanal Cacao from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)

25% of Proceeds goes directly to Ancestral Voices – enhancing that which we can offer you.