Sound Healing and Meditation Event

Divine Feminine Sound Healing and Meditation

Join Ancient Paths Wellness and Starseed Sisterhood for an evening of sound healing and meditation at the Lotus Loft Yoga and Reiki Studio in downtown Port Perry. Here you will immerse yourself in the harmonic sounds of Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Monochord, Chimes, Gongs and other ancient instruments that will take you on a journey of deep relaxation.

In this sound journey, you will be guided in a meditation connecting to the divine feminine within you. The divine feminine connects us with our intuition, compassion, sensuality, and moves us into a state of ease and flow. Here you will be nurtured and leave the session feeling empowered.

Additional Offerings:

Some guests may receive additional sound healing with Himalayan bowls. These bowls may be placed on or near the body, for additional Vibrational Sound Therapy. (Consent must be given).

Each attendee will also have the option of receiving Reiki healing during their sound experience. (Consent must be given).

As a gift, each attendee will receive two crystals that connect us to the divine feminine.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

The frequencies of the sound produced during a Sound Bath can offer a deep sense of relaxation, reduction in tension and physical pain, and assists in alleviating mental or emotional blocks.

Benefits of Reiki Healing:

This ancient healing practice is a non-invasive energy healing technique done with or without touch, between the practitioner and client. Reiki promotes overall wellness and restores balance between our mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Meditation:

Increased vitality, reduction in stress, enhanced self-awareness, promotes emotional wellbeing and resilience, better sleep, increased awareness and connection to divine energy, etc.

Notes on attendance:

No experience necessary.

Please bring a mat, cushion, pillow, chair or blanket.

Wear comfortable clothing, as you will be seated or lying on laminate flooring for one hour and a half.

We recommend you bring a water bottle to remain hydrated during the session.

Location & Parking:

Lotus Loft Yoga & Reiki Studio, 3rd Floor. No elevator access. Free parking available on site.

Tickets are $55 (Non-Refundable)

*Space is limited*